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Lemon cake filled with silky lemon cream and
white chocolate buttercream

Loaded carrot cake layers made with crushed pineapple
and shredded coconut. Can be made with or without
walnuts and filled with cream cheese buttercream

raspberry beret
Luscious chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate truffle
filling embedded with fresh raspberries

papa says mang-o! (seasonal)
Madagascar Vanilla Cake filled with mango cream
and fresh mango chunks




Coconut cake with whipped coconut cream filling
and dark chocolate ganache

maple eh?
Maple butter cake with chopped candied
maple walnuts and Maple buttercream

southern belle
Velvety red buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa
and filled with White chocolate cream cheese


i dream of ganache
Luscious chocolate cake filled with velvety smooth
chocolate ganache

choc-ful of bananas
Banana cake baked with chocolate chunks
filled with Espresso buttercream

apple of my eye
A deliciously moist apple cake with a hint of cinnamon
and filled with white chocolate cream cheese

bean me up scottie
Madagascar vanilla cake with White chocolate
vanilla bean buttercream

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